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Would you like to sponsor our project?

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The Guides and Scouts of Europe want to do what they can: to help scouts camp and to give our hearts and arms through prayer and service on the ground.

  • You can donate to help a Ukrainian Scout or Guide camp this summer.

  • Or you can help us with a donation that will be used to support the travel expenses of our leaders who will go to help our sister and brother scouts in Poland, Slovakia and Romania in refugee services: in welcome actions and in the animation and education of young refugees.

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Or by wire transfer:


 Account:  FSE+ endowment 

IBAN: FR76 3000 3013 3800 0506 9625 321


To :  "Semper-Parati Project" 

If you prefer to give directly to the Ukrainians, we suggest that you donate to the organisations with which the Scout associations in Europe work closely: 

Poland:   Caritas Poland

               Iban: PL11 8013 1029 2003 0070 6797 0001

                                        BIC: POLUPLPRXXX

communication: POMOC UKRAINIE

Romania: Uniti pentru Ucraina - Alba Iulia (United for Ukraine - Alba Iulia)

                Iban: RO790TPV310001382170EU01

                                        BIC: OTPVROBU XXX

                                        communication: Ukraina

Slovakia: Gréckokatolícka eparchia Košice (Greek Catholic Diocese of Košice)

                   IBAN: SK98 0200 0000 0032 5506 0551  (variable symbol: 10)                                                  BIC: SUBASKBX

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