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Host families in Ukraine

Already 35 families have answered the call to host FSE families from Ukraine. The proposals do not stop arriving. Indeed, we can largely imagine that the fighting intensifies in Ukraine and develops in the whole country! If this happens, a large number of additional refugees would flow into the border countries. Families, mothers and some children will probably continue to come. But scouts of Europe are ready "Semper Parati"!

We can salute their dedication and encourage these actions that give families a little comfort when they have just lost their homes, and sometimes even friends or family!

Dear families,

We thank you very much for offering to host Ukrainian Scouts of Europe in this war context. You answered again "Semper Parati", always ready to serve as a scout! You are numerous to answer it and this shows real European brotherhood.

Actually, only one FSE family left Ukraine and has been welcomed in a Polish family. If the bombing increase in the area of Lviv where FSE groups are, they may suddenly decide to pass the border (there are only women with children).

We inform you that we shared the list of potential hosting families with the Ukrainian Guide General Commissioner, without your personal data, so that she can use it in case of need. If needed, she will contact us to get your personal data to put you in touch with a Ukrainian family. If you are contacted, it may be only a few days before the arrivals of Ukrainians.

We may have no request, as well as a lot. But whatever happens, we thank you very much for your generosity !

I take this opportunity to share with you the UIGSE website created to help refugees from Ukraine:

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