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Message from Ukrainian leaders

War is a terrible machine, but it is also an opportunity for us. It is a chance for service that has radically changed our lives. It allows us to get rid of many unnecessary things in our lives. We ask ourselves many important questions, change priorities and views.

Whether we will be the same after the war as before, the answer is simple - no.

Unfortunately, feelings such as calm, tarnquility, security now often resemble abstract concepts, not reality. Instead, fear is constantly present and each alarm siren is a stark reminder of this fear.

The war also gives a clear understanding that only a person with deep faith in God and trust in His action in our lives can resist this machine. It doesn't matter what beautiful house or expensive clothes you have: it can all turn to ashes in one second. We now only need to take care of the purity of our souls as only a connection with God can protect you from a thousand bullets or give you eternal life. And it is important to always remember this.

People of good will shine brightest in the dark. We are incredibly happy that hundreds of leaders from different countries are such people. We are grateful for their service which will warm our hearts for a long time.

Now we have learned to live in the here and now, we pray and do our best in these difficult times.

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