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Testimony of a Polish wayfarer

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

"In the face of this tragedy that is happening, and so close to us, I simply couldn't do otherwise."

Your name, the age and the city?

My name is Hania Górska, I’m 29 years old and I’m a Scout of Europe – Cracow district.

What exactly is your service?

Currently, I’m involved mostly in the service aimed at helping pregnant women and newborns. We collect things that women needs before and after childbirth and for their children. We complete the whole delivery packages. Sometimes people bring ready-made suitcases, which only need to be checked if they contain everything the mother and her baby need. Mostly, however, these are things that must first be divided into appropriate categories, and then the items are assembled into whole birthing kits.

2) What motivated you to do this service?

The suffering of people... In the face of this tragedy that is happening, and so close to us, I simply couldn't do otherwise. For a woman, the state of pregnancy should be a magical, blessed time. A time when she should receive a special care. There is so much talk about the influence of even the smallest things on the formation of a child in the womb and in the first stage of its life. And here? Here we have a mother who, in advanced pregnancy, escapes from the country where the war broke out. Maybe she had already spent a few nights in the bunker? Perhaps she stood for hours at the border she was walking to on foot? How much fear, sadness and confusion she experienced in the last few days? How much physical toil, lack of suitable conditions for a human being, and even more so for a pregnant woman? It is a woman who, instead of being cared for, has been surrounded by war. How will this affect her child who absorbed it all while in her womb, who felt the fear of her mother who heard bomb blasts and gunshots? In how many days, weeks, God forbid – months, this child will be taken over by his daddy? How many of these children will never see their father because he will die during this war? It is impossible to be indifferent to this - the heart is just eager to serve.

3) What role has scouting and faith for you in this service?

Scouting and faith give me a feeling of being one with these people. Although we speak different language and we come from other countries, we are close to each other, we are brothers and sisters. First of all, it is faith that gives me that sense, because in Christ we are all one body. Scouting intensifies this feeling because there are also our brothers and sisters in scouting in Ukraine. Faith also gives me strength for this service, which is difficult, mostly mentally. There are real people behind the items we collect. When we sort diapers, pacifiers, tiny clothes or things related to breastfeeding or childbirth for a few hours, it is impossible not to think about these women and their babies. The things that we give to these mums and their children are just drops of oil with which we pour over these wounds, but they also need our prayers, because only Jesus is able to heal the wounds caused by hell, which has been brought down to earth once again. Faith is also needed to trust that with each of these women there is St. Joseph on behalf of their earthly fathers who are fighting at that time, and maybe even have already died. However, faith is also extremely important in the face of the sight of human suffering to overcome hatred towards the torturer.

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