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Testimony of the scouts in service around Ukraine

The first to serve are the guides and scouts of Europe from the countries bordering Ukraine. They are many to give their time! Here are some testimonials from some of them!

Stanisław, 18, Troop Leader (Drużynowy)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to serve Ukrainian refugees in Chełm. I went there with my Patrol Leaders - we sorted products for refugees, helped them in temporary accommodation, and played with children. We were shocked by the dedication of ordinary Polish people - a woman, in whose house we stayed for a weekend, worked voluntarily at the Polish-Ukrainian border twice a week, from 12 pm till 7 am. And she was not the only one.

Refugees are women with children, besides the invalids, we could see barely any men. They come with almost no luggage, no destination, no certainty of tomorrow.

Karolina, 23, 6 years of service in scouting

I volunteer at the refugee reception point in one of Warsaw's sports centers. We register people, order taxis for them, and make medical appointments. We also answer whatever questions they might have. The service is interesting, you get to spend some time with your scout friends, and meet other volunteers. It's nice to see the smiles on the faces of people that you helped.

Przemysław Stocki, 20 years, troop leader of 1st Białystok FSE

For me, helping the Ukrainian people is a joyful experience of taking part in the process of friendship without borders. I'm just trying to do, what I ought to - and what they could do for me in need. I believe that's the point of our European 'scouting of peace', as Baden Powell used to call it!

Maybe some of you, French, English, German, Italian, or any other nationality want to serve? You can contact us!

Or by the adress email:

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