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Testimony of a Polish Rover

"My moral and patriotic duty is giving them all possible help"

My name is Maciej, I’m 29 years old. I am District Leader Assistant for security matters in 1 Garwolin-Pilawa District. Lately, together with leaders from my district, we took service for our brothers and sisters from Ukraine.

Our service at the beginning was based on collecting medical supplies. By three days we managed to fill the trunk of the car, despite the lack of dressings (bandages) in the pharmacies. Then, supplies were transported to Rzeszów, where organization Shooting Association "Strzelec" deals with the transport to the combat zone in Ukraine.

Next service we were involved in was helping to organize a reception point for refugees in Janów near Chełm. Through two nights we were sorting gifts for the needy and we helped with cleaning and construction works.

As a person very interested in history, I know that we in Poland have a long and difficult history with Ukraine. We Poles do not represent the tradition of revenge, racism, or petty chauvinism. Our traditions are slogans like “By the name of God for ours and your freedom” and never against people, always against tyranny. At this moment, when there is a war on our eastern border that Europe has not seen since 1945, and thousands of refugees comes to our country- mostly women and children, my moral and patriotic duty is giving them all possible help. I also feel obliged to do so by the Scout Promise - "On my honor, I promise to serve God, the Church and Christian Europe and to help others in every need".

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